The Association of Cyber Security Organizations of Azerbaijan (ACOA) is a unified platform for specialists, companies and organizations working in the field of ICT and cybersecurity. ACOA aims to develop the ICT sector, strengthen the cybersecurity ecosystem, and coordinate activities related to cybersecurity. To achieve these objectives, both individuals and legal entities may apply for membership in the Association.

ACOA provides members with cooperation and support for their activities. Membership offers the opportunity to participate closely in ACOA's activities and the relationship between members is governed by a membership agreement signed between the parties. Legal entities are required to pay for membership.

To learn more about "Rules for Working with ACOA Members" and "ACOA Membership Conditions and Categories," please refer to the following links.

Rules of working with AKTA members.

ACTA membership conditions and categories.

  • The right to participate and vote in ACOA's activities;
  • Opportunities to create and develop business relationships;
  • Participation in high-level meetings and round tables organized by ACOA;
  • Leadership in working groups and sub-commissions established by ACOA;
  • Exposure on ACOA's PR channels and placement in the company directory;
  • Opportunities to participate in forums, conferences, seminars, and meetings, and to give speeches;
  • Access to ACOA's research, analysis, and research results;
  • Special discounted sponsorship opportunities for ACOA events;
  • Opportunities to participate in ACOA's foreign trips and exhibitions;
  • Opportunities for joint projects and participation in ACOA projects;
  • Participation in competitions announced by ACOA;
  • Opportunities to participate in ACOA's networking events.
  • Fulfillment of ACOA membership conditions
  • Fulfillment of ACOA membership duties
  • Contribution to the activities of ACOA
  • Participation in ACOA events
  • Adherence to and respect for ACOA values
  • Protection of the operating principles of ACOA
  • Support for cooperation within ACOA
  • Both individuals and legal entities (except state authorities and local self-government bodies) can be members of ACOA.
  • Legal entities wishing to become members of ACOA can become members of ACOA within the framework of the relevant category after getting acquainted with the terms and categories of membership.
  • Individuals can become members of ACOA as individuals if they confirm that they are experts in the field (persons who meet the expert requirements). Detailed information on this is provided on the ACOA  Expert Bank page. Please direct your membership application from this page.
  • We invite all persons related to the activities of ACOA to become members.