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We invite experts to become AKTA members.

We invite experts to join the Azerbaijan Association of Cybersecurity Organizations (ACOA) in order to foster the development of the cybersecurity ecosystem in the country and promote the formation of a community of IT professionals. We encourage professionals to apply for ACOA membership.

To fulfill these objectives, ACOA has established an Expert Database. Approved applicants become physical members of ACOA and their information is included in the Expert Database. Subsequently, experts can avail themselves of ACOA membership benefits.

Expert Bank: It is an open source of information for the public and your information will be shared on the Expert Bank page.

Any individual who meets the following requirements can apply for ACOA membership:

Minimum requirements:


  • Age and Citizenship: Individuals who are 18 years old or above and are citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan or individuals who have obtained permission to reside and/or work in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Possession of any of the following educational levels - Bachelor's degree or higher in Information Technology, Computer Science, Cybersecurity and related fields; or recognized international certifications in the field (at least at the intermediate level) or higher.
  • Experience - Minimum 3 years of work experience in ICT, high technology, cybersecurity, and related fields.


If you also wish to become a member of ACOA and actively participate in the development of the country's IT and cybersecurity environment, please fill out the following form and complete the registration process.

AKTA membership applications are reviewed within a maximum period of one month, and individuals who meet the requirements are admitted as members by the ACOA Board of Directors and included in the Expert Database. Subsequently, ACOA members are awarded a certificate.

Advantages of ACOA membership

Experts who are physical members of ACOA will have free access to the following benefits offered by ACOA's Bronze Membership category:

  • Participating in ACOA's activities and contributing to its operations.
  • Being elected as members and leaders of ACOA's sub-committees.
  • Participating as experts in ACOA's events and projects.
  • Making appearances in ACOA's media and PR channels, presenting at events and joining paid training programs on favorable terms, as well as participating in networking events.


ACOA Cybersecurity Community

Individuals who do not meet the requirements of being an expert or have been declined membership for various reasons can become members of the ACOA Cybersecurity Community. There are no specific requirements for joining the community. Community members will be engaged as participants in ACOA's activities and will receive support for their professional development as experts. It should be noted that community members are not considered official members of ACOA.

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