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Organizational Structure and Members

Organizational structure and management bodies

  • General Assembly (the highest governing body of the Association)
  • Board of Directors (collegial governing body of the Association)
  • Control and inspection commission
  • Expert Committees
  • Executive Office of the Association (executive body of the Association)

General Assembly

The General Assembly, as the highest governing body of the Association, consists of all legal and physical members. The General Assembly is convened at least once a year. The General Assembly may be called by the Management Board of the Association, one of the founders or one-third of its members.

The resolution of the following issues belongs to the competence of the General Assembly::

  • Elect the Chairman of the Board of the Association.
  • Decide on the reorganization and liquidation of the association.
  • Determine the association's participation in other organizations.
  • Approve the association's annual report.
  • Establish the executive bodies of the Association and decide on the early termination of their powers.
  • Determine the principles of formation and use of the association's property.
  • Adopt the association's charter and make changes to it.

Board of Directors

The Management Board consists of the chairman, deputy chairman, general secretary and other members of the Association's Management Board elected by the General Assembly of the Association for a period of 4 (four) years. You can get acquainted with the composition of the Board of Directors on the next page.

Duties of the Board of Directors include

  • Carries out current management of the Association's activities and reports to the Association's supreme governing body (General Meeting);
  • Forms the structure of executive bodies of the association, creates committees, commissions and other internal structural units in this regard, determines their scope of authority, approves their statutes and terminates their activities;
  • Admits to membership of the Association and releases from membership;
  • Determines the amount and payment terms and conditions of membership fees;
  • Creates the branches of the association and opens its representative offices.

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