Values, Ethical Behavior and Responsibility

The Values of the Association

Result-oriented – We focus on achieving concrete results in a professional manner, working towards our goals and ensuring our actions have a measurable impact.

Teamwork – We foster collaboration and partnerships with local and international individuals and organizations specialized in the relevant field. Together, we work towards common values and goals within defined parameters.

Continuous Learning and Improvement – We promote the prevention of cybercrime by encouraging our employees and volunteers to continuously develop their knowledge and skills, fostering a culture of learning and self-improvement

Flexibility and Responsibility – We strive to provide flexible and responsive support to our members, partners and all those who seek our assistance. We approach every situation with a sense of responsibility, ensuring we address details diligently

Transparency – We value open communication to enhance the quality of our work, foster team spirit and achieve high results. We promote transparency in our processes, decision-making and interactions with stakeholders, ensuring clarity and accountability.

Code of Ethics

ACOA places great importance on employees and members adhering to corporate values and ethical norms, while also striving to enhance efficiency, transparency and serve as role models for their colleagues.

  • We approach all individuals and communities we collaborate with respect and esteem
  • We take responsibility for our decisions and their consequences, and we expect the same from the other party.
  • Unless required by a legal authority, we protect the confidentiality of information obtained during our activities, refrain from using such information for personal gain and avoid sharing it with inappropriate parties.
  • We must prevent actions during the execution of duties that could harm the reputation of the Association and its members, as well as actions that could undermine its influence.
  • Show respect, kindness, attentiveness, and patience in dealing with superiors, subordinates or colleagues.
  • Remain impartial when performing duties or making decisions and refrain from creating conditions that favor any individual or group based on their race, nationality, religion, language, gender, age, social background, property status, beliefs, affiliation with public or other organizations or to achieve such superiority.
  • Effectively manage actual or perceived conflicts of interest in relationships and avoid conflicts of interests.
  • Enhance accountability, transparency, ethical conduct and efficiency in the non-profit sector.
  • Compliance with the 'Code of Ethics' by Association members and employees is analyzed by the individual themselves, their superiors, or supervisors.
  • Violation of ethical conduct rules is essential for holding Association members and employees accountable for discipline.

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