A meeting was held with ACOA Experts


A meeting was held with ACOA Experts

An online meeting was held on April 5 with the participation of experts from the Association of Cybersecurity Organisations of Azerbaijan (ACOA). Information was provided during the meeting about a series of innovations presented by ACOA.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman of the ACOA Board, Elvin Balajanov, who gave an introductory speech and provided brief information about the latest developments and newly recruited experts to ACOA's expertise. Later, a presentation about the electronic cabinet created for ACOA experts was given by the Deputy Chairman of the ACOA Board, Rauf Jabarov.

Discussions were held during the meeting regarding the formation of expert committees. It was noted that committees representing both individuals and companies will play a role in ACOA's working groups, and their activities will commence in the near future. Sharing information in relevant areas by expert committees, discussing issues and problems, preparing suggestions, recommendations, and documents, as well as conducting seminars and informational sessions are planned by the committees. It was emphasized that the decisions and suggestions of the committees will be taken into account in ACOA's activities and will form the basis of projects and proposals presented to relevant institutions and entities.

Subsequently, the suggestions of ACOA experts regarding projects in the direction of research and development, as well as the activities of the committees, were listened to.

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