Meetings were conducted with ACOA experts


Meetings were conducted with ACOA experts

In October, both group and individual meetings were organized with individuals who had recently applied to ACOA. Approximately 20 participants from Baku and the surrounding regions attended these meetings.

During these meetings, the experts shared information about their recent activities in the field, the projects they have been involved in and their relevant experiences. They also presented their ideas and proposals that could be integrated into the ACOA framework. Additionally, there were discussions on the plans for implementing these proposals.

Elvin Balajanov, the Chairman of the ACOA Board and Rauf Jabarov, the Deputy Chairman actively engaged in the meetings. They discussed future plans, their expectations from the experts and potential avenues for collaboration. It was emphasized that there is a particular demand for the voluntary involvement of experts as trainers in the realm of awareness and education. 

It is important to highlight that experts are regarded as full-fledged members of ACOA and play an active role in its activities. These experts have been carefully selected through a special admission process and their total now stands at 46. Information about these experts can be accessed through the expert database on the ACOA website. Those in the IT and cybersecurity fields interested in becoming experts can submit their applications through the following link:

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