A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of ACOA was held


A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of ACOA was held

The regular meeting of the Association of Cybersecurity Organisations of Azerbaijan (ACOA), the 10th in number, took place on March 12th. The meeting was held at the office of Simbrella, a member of the ACOA’s Board of Directors. 

At the meeting, the Chairman of the Board, Elvin Balajanov, presented the report of the first quarter of the current year. Information was provided and discussions were held regarding the activities carried out by ACOA in the areas of awareness, education, collaboration, research, and development during the reporting period.

During the meeting, three companies, "Secure Future," "KiberKod," and "Allsafe Kibertəhlükəsizlik," which had applied for ACOA membership, were approved by the Board of Directors as new members of ACOA. With this approval, the number of legal entities that are members of ACOA has exceeded 50. Additionally, a decision was made to admit 9 experts who meet the criteria of "ACOA Expert" into the membership of ACOA as physical persons, thus bringing the total number of ACOA experts to 69. It was also decided to establish Expert Committees - collaboration platforms for both individuals and companies represented by ACOA experts. At the initial stage, the Board decided to establish the following committees:

- Committee on Law and Public Initiatives;

- Committee on Local Solutions, Products, Innovation, and Startups;

- Committee on Education, Training, and Human Resources;

- Committee on Cyber Threats, Technical Issues, and Procedures.

Throughout the session, information was provided about the recent activities conducted by ACOA and directed towards its members. The Deputy Chairman of the Board, Rauf Jabarov, provided information about the electronic catalogue of cybersecurity products and services. The procedure for submitting applications to this catalogue, as well as the functionalities of the electronic cabinet designed for member companies and organizations of ACOA were demonstrated. 

At the end of the meeting, discussions were held among the members of the Board regarding future activities, and suggestions were made.

It's important to highlight that the representatives and leaders of companies such as "Digitalks Technologies," "CyberPoint," "A2Z Technologies," "Simbrella," and "AzeRobot Education," all of which are members of the Board of ACOA, participated in the meeting. 

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