The ACOA management Board convened its next meeting


The ACOA management Board convened its next meeting

The forthcoming meeting of the Management Board for the Association of Cybersecurity Organizations of Azerbaijan was conducted online.

Following the agenda announcement by the Chairman of the Management Board, Elvin Balajanov, the meeting participants were presented with a report on the Association's activities from June to August of the current year. This report encompassed ACOA's actions, such as meetings, projects and outcomes achieved in collaboration with its members, aligned with the established priorities in areas such as awareness, education, cooperation, research and development. The aim was to solicit input and recommendations from those in attendance.

One of the central agenda items involved the deliberation of numerous applications submitted by individuals, specialists and legal entities seeking membership in ACOA. Following a decision reached through a vote among the members of the Board of Directors, the following companies were granted ACOA membership:

•     "Azercell Telecom" LLC
•     "Caspel" LLC
•     "Azerconnect" LLC
•     Gais Cyber Security
•     "Azerbaijan Robotics Engineering" LLC
•     Internet and New Technologies Education Center of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic
•     "IKTex" LLC
•     "Innovation Technologies" LLC
•     IDTECH Academy.


Following the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated August 28, 2023, which approved the "Strategy for Information Security and Cybersecurity of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2023-2027," the importance and role of strengthening the country's future cybersecurity ecosystem were duly considered. In light of this, it was emphasized that ACOA should provide support in accordance with the relevant directions for the implementation of the Strategy. Subsequently, discussions were held among the members of the Board of Directors regarding future actions and projects.

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