“UK Cyber Security Expo” Exhibition was held in Baku


“UK Cyber Security Expo” Exhibition was held in Baku

On March 4th of this year, the "UK Cyber Security Expo" took place in Baku, organised by the British Embassy in Baku in collaboration with the Association of Cybersecurity Organisations of Azerbaijan (ACOA).

In his opening speech, His Excellency Mr. Fergus Auld, the British Ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan, emphasised the global nature of cyber threats, the emergence of new forms of cyber attacks and technological threats, including disinformation and the spread of false information. By highlighting the importance of raising awareness about these threats, His Excellency noted that the United Kingdom possesses advanced expertise in global cyber intelligence and threat analysis, with active centres operating in the country, significant attention given to cybersecurity education, and active participation in international initiatives in the field. Mr. Ambassador emphasised the significant potential for collaboration in cybersecurity between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Azerbaijan, expressing readiness to support the new era of cyber cooperation and  partnership between two countries.

At the opening event, Elvin Balajanov, the Chairman of the board of ACOA , expressed gratitude to the British Embassy in Baku for the organisation of the event and the proposals presented regarding cooperation. He also thanked specialised companies from the United Kingdom, such as Titan Labs, TAG International, BAE Systems, and Monarch, for visiting our country to share their products, solutions, and experiences in their respective fields. Highlighting the importance of international cooperation in combating modern and global threats in the field of information security and cybersecurity, including fostering collaboration between government and private sector entities, the Chairman of the board of ACOA noted that expanding collaboration is identified as one of the priority directions in the "Strategy of Azerbaijan Republic on information security and cyber security for 2023-2027".

Later, representatives of 'Titan Labs,' 'TAG International,' 'BAE Systems,' and 'Monarch' delivered respective presentations, providing information about their products, solutions, and services to the participants of the event. Following the lunch break, representatives of the participating institutions and companies, as well as members of ACOA, engaged in B2B meetings with the aforementioned companies.

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