Increase in Azerbaijan's Ranking in the International Cybersecurity Index


Increase in Azerbaijan's Ranking in the International Cybersecurity Index

One of the focus areas of the Association of Cybersecurity Organisations of Azerbaijan (ACOA) is to enhance Azerbaijan's position in international ratings and reports related to cybersecurity through multi-faceted support.

As known, since September of last year, a methodology based on new assessment criteria for the "National Cybersecurity Index," developed and improved by the Estonian e-Governance Academy Foundation, has been implemented. Assessments have been carried out for 42 countries based on this index. The research team of ACOA has continuously conducted additional studies on new indicators and provided organized information to be considered for new criteria.

Thus, in the current ranking table where 42 countries are assessed based on 49 indicators, Azerbaijan's score has increased to 70.83 points. It should be noted that this result surpasses our country's previous highest score of 66.67 points and positions Azerbaijan at the 13th place in the international ranking. Additionally, the results of 11 new countries have been added to the list over the past two months, expanding the evaluation scale of the international ranking.

Moreover, it should be emphasized that ACOA is currently implementing additional measures to ensure a comprehensive and objective assessment of activities carried out in our country based on all the indicators. Relevant information is continuously updated and presented for consideration in the index to further improve Azerbaijan's position.

It is important to note that the "National Cybersecurity Index" is a global index that measures countries' preparedness in ensuring cybersecurity and managing cyber incidents in real-time.

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